Eight Tips for Urban Gardens

Many people have decided to forgo the massive garden that takes up a large portion of your yard (if you have one) in lieu of a garden that is smaller and more innovative in how it is planned. The desire to grow a few vegetables, have some fresh herbs, or simply enjoy the beauty that comes from a garden can exist in a more hip and modern way. The urban garden is the answer to that demand and it continues to increase in popularity. Here are eight tips that will help you create an urban garden that fits your needs.

  1. Plan your space

You want to make the most out of your small space. Make sure you evaluate what is most important to have included in your garden, how much space you have to work with, and how you can incorporate everything you want so it flourishes.

  1. Design ideas for small spaces

Don’t let the size of your space limit your options. There are ways to incorporate a small garden that is easy to manage in your outdoor places where you enjoy relaxing and entertaining. It’s an incredible way to create a beautiful space. Think of any shape you like and go from there.

  1. The perfect plants for a smaller space urban garden

There are so many plant options out there. Evaluate the plants you love and compare that with those that will have a functional purpose for you (herbs, vegetables, etc.). You can find a great blend that complements your garden.

  1. Find the perfect accent for your garden

You will want to find a way to create a focal point for urban garden. This is usually best achieved by a larger plant or tree in it. You must use caution so you don’t have such a big focal point that you lose valuable space and symmetry in your garden.

  1. Gardens on the terrace

There was a time when most people’s terrace or patio just had a few chairs, maybe a small table, and that was it. There are so many innovative and exciting options now that will turn any terrace into an exquisite outdoor living room. This is easiest accomplished by putting a small garden in.

  1. Creations with containers for your urban garden

Using smaller containers to create garden spaces is an excellent way to experiment with different looks, styles, and types of plants. It’s easy to put some color around your outdoor environment (perhaps even indoor) and keep it easy to manage and portable.

  1. Gardens in the front yard

A beautiful urban garden doesn’t have to be hidden in the backyard or on your patio. Think of all the ways you can landscape your front yard by having a small garden as a focal point. The ideas are endless and the results are often amazing.

  1. Small spaces for growing beautiful vegetables

With the growing demand for fresh produce and the rising cost of food, many people have decided to attempt to grow their own vegetables in small bulk. Plant breeders are even trying to find varieties that take up little space with their root systems so you can grow vegetables in a smaller area or even in your home! Urban gardens are typically used for smaller spaces or accents in various areas of a person’s living environment. The options are endless and the ideas are usually limited to your imagination and available space. If you are considering trying an urban garden start small and don’t be afraid to experiment. You cannot go wrong with a beautiful garden if you do a little planning first.