Great Addition to Your Garden

The most popular method to make your garden awesome and beautiful with bright scenery is to have flowering plants. Regardless of the season, there is that instinct that human souls desire for flowers to create beauty in the home. Let us discover the flowering plant loved by both Northerners and southerners.

The flowers I am talking in this article is the HYDRANGEAS flowering plants. Many gardeners, home landscapers, and breeders are getting interested to hydrangeas and it is on the way now restoring their lost popularity in the old times. Usually, people just looked at this kind of flowers during their childhood growing alongside the porch of their grandmother’s house those times when white was widely available for the northern landscapers and gardeners. Today with the innovation and the presentation of the Northern variety of colors, hydrangeas have taken pleasure to almost any location countrywide.

Today, breeders are able to produce a wide range of color of hydrangeas though some of them do not bloom well or at all in Northern climates. The main reason maybe is due to winter injury and improper late season pruning.

Before, most hydrangea have blooms starting in the fall the reason that the buds are vulnerable to winter kill. Today there are new innovations making to set their flower buds during spring time, to ensure blooms every year especially for gardeners living in the Northern climate. Doing prune in the late fall or in early spring will take away the developed flower buds of many hydrangeas.

A new breed like Forever and Ever Hydrangea have its blooms develop on the new growth and bloom each and every year even though the pruning was done at the wrong time. These latest growth bloomers have their longer period of bloom and are perfect for mass landscape, border planting or container plants. Their huge flowers can also be made into cut or dried flowers and give great colors in the areas partially shaded as well.

Hydrangea breeders started discovering and doing breeding with new varieties and integrate these to the recent varieties. On 2005, Forever and Ever hydrangeas was first introduced presenting with 3 different colors in pink, double pink and red and available in any garden centers during spring time. Colors may differ depending on the soil pH composition in which pinks may be replaced with blue shades. Nevertheless, may it be bloom with blue or pink, still it is the same, dynamic, wonderful addition to any landscape garden.